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Outcome - based digital enablement at speed

We help with the design and implementation of technology, business models, and processes to drive new value for customers to more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy in a measurable, outcome-based way

Our Clients

Discover The Singularity Mesh Advantage

Our Approach Focuses on People, Process, and Technology. In that order.

People: Digital Thinking, API Training and Coaching, Technology Training

Process: Business Casing, License Renegotiation, Vendor Selection, Digital Platforms, Partner Ecosystems

Technology: API Strategy and Delivery, Cloud Migration, API Led Event-Driven Architecture, Developer and Partner experiences, Identity and Security, DevOps and SecOps, Cloud-native architecture and delivery

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API Strategy & Delivery

Our strategic insights help your business make the most of the digital ecosystem. This includes choosing the right API platform for you, while ensuring a smooth transition to your new technology.

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API Coaching

Trained to embed new ways of thinking into your business, our expert engineers and architects work with you to build more sustainable APIs and upskill your teams to fully utilise your platform features.

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Cyber Security

can help you achieve this by providing tailored cyber security services, focusing on your specific operating model, technical demands, regulatory environment and industry dynamics. We can help you understand your cyber risks and implement cyber resilience strategies to minimise the impact of a cyber-attack on your business.

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Developer Experiences

Happy developers are chatty developers. Users of your technology are happier, promote it more, and stay longer when the product has good DX. And that is Key to create an Ecosystem

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Data Marketplaces

Data marketplaces’ emergence is related to the growth of Big Data. Organizations start to acknowledge data as an asset. We help you securely expose that data to power digital innovation and monetization

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Service Mesh

Service Mesh is an infrastructure layer that abstracts application networking from the business logic of the application. In doing so, the service mesh can provide a configurable network layer to facilitate communication between services using their application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Our Partners

Client Reviews

We have built a high growth business on reputation and word of mouth. We punch well above our weight category by providing an outcome-focused approach to our clients. We are truly customer-obsessed. Please find some of them speaking about how we helped them achieve their goals

The team from The Singularity Mesh brought together Microsoft, and our business and technical teams to put in the right architecture to solve our technical problems as well as built the platform for the future. All this has helped us deliver capabilities and products at speed to our current customers, and help with the acquisition of new customers.
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Chris Mendes, CTO, The Yield

The API experts at The Singularity worked with us to develop a strong API strategy. We decided that we would need to support our new strategy with a scalable API management platform.

Learn more here on How We helped BPAY Improve efficiencies with existing systems,  break new ground with new products and prepare BPAY for the exciting future of payments.

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Angela Donohue, CIO, BPAY group

Are you paying too much for Mulesoft?

Chances are… you are. Or at least not extracting the value desired, while ROI decreases as the Platform becomes more expensive.

Many of our customers have found that they are paying for many more Mulesoft cores than they need to. This can mean large savings are available through re-architecture and optimization.

We can help you with a Free assessment, read more for details

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