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Industries we have delivered outcomes in


We are proud to have led a significant transformation project for a government department which went from start to live in 2 months. This work has meant a reduction in operating costs, faster time to market for digital products and a self service partnership capability.

Our role has been to lead the end to end architecture and migration strategy for a product-team centred approach, an API Gateway, best practice identity frameworks and streamlined deployment processes.

We make government faster and easier to deal with for citizen and other departments! How good is that?


We enjoy working with startups as their projects are interesting (and sometimes potentially world-changing). We work with companies that are looking to build platforms and ecosystems that will be tomorrows big companies! Check our our article on ‘The Power of Ecosystem thinking’.

We have helped them by architecting and where needed, providing a platform that takes care of the operational aspects of their business. This includes things like platform architecture, data ingestion (streaming/batch) and analytics, APIs, security and identity, devops (CI / CD frameworks, container orchestration), Machine Learning capabilities and so on.

We love the start up scene in Sydney and are pleased to work with tomorrows unicorns.


We have provided API and data marketplace strategies for some very well known Financial Service companies in Australia. APIs are a huge opportunity in financial services some say its the next gold rush!

We also work in the Open Banking space and contribute to Googles Open source project for the Open banking developer experience. We are active in the community contributing to good outcomes for the Consumer Data Right. We really need to land this one for consumers!


We are working with a global property brand on their global API strategy. The framework is being integrated with the enterprise SDLC, Support, Ops and Security. The outcome is faster time to market due to shared processes and self-service. And a significant reduction in cost.

APIs are driving unparalleled growth in the property market a good API developer experience is just good housekeeping these days!


Telcos need transformation! We are delighted to have been brought in by Google / Apigee to onboard Apigee into an iconic telco in Australia. This was part of the digital team’s move to the Spotify style Agile scaling model.

Our work included the API architecture and integration with their identity system.

If we can make telcos move quickly then just think about how we can help improve your business.

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