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Is MuleSoft impeding your ability to adopt modern cloud practices?

Many of our customers have found that they are paying for many more MuleSoft cores than they need to. This can mean large savings are available through re-architecture and optimization.

The Singularity offers customers a ‘No-Win No-Fee’ based approach that ensures the optimal licensing and architecture is used.

Often second, third and fourth year costs for MuleSoft can be the most significant for businesses, we believe it’s better to reuse that funding for engineering and not license fees for more cores.

Wins so far

  • Reduced a government client OPEX spend by $300k AUD per annum.
  • Enabled speed to market by improving the adoption of microservices, service mesh and cloud, by re-architecting and rebuilding.
  • Removed MuleSoft and replaced with new operating model reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Our offer

Two FREE half-day consultations with an architect and engineer which will provide you with a dollar figure estimate in possible cost reduction and an optimization score.